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Welcome to my podcast focused on ag law, risk management education, farm policy, and crop insurance issues focused on Maryland agricultural producers. Any images you see are by Edwin Remsberg unless otherwise noted.
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Aug 31, 2016

Farmers are often looking for new ways to diversify their operations.  One new way maybe developing an on-farm brewery under Maryland's Class 8 license.  In this episode, Paul is rejoined by Mayhah Suri to discuss the licensing process to get the license and things producers need to be aware of before opening a brewery on the farm.

If you have questions, contact Mayhah at, tweet her at @mayhah_s or 301-405-9576.  

Resources discussed in this episode are Microbreweries and the New Class 8 Farm Brewery License by Mayhah Suri.

Aug 24, 2016

Paul takes a break from this episode and instead Ashley Ellixson takes over the host chair.  In this episode Ashley is joined by Dr. Nicole Fiorellino to highlight the Maryland Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT) and the details farmer's need to know to be in compliance.  Additionally, Dr. Fiorellino addresses many FAQs from industry as well as producers on the science behind phosphorus and nutrient management. 

If you have questions contact Dr. Nicole Fiorellino at You can contact Ashley Ellixson at or tweet her at @Legall_Ashley.  Feel free to send thoughts on future podcasts as well.

Resources discussed in this podcast:

Aug 17, 2016

Producers are collecting and relying more on ag data collected by farm equipment.  Much of this data might be uploaded to the "cloud" and stored with third party.  Storing with third parties can lead to questions of who owns farm data?  In this episode, Paul is joined by his colleague, Ashley Ellixson, extension legal specialist, and Dr. Terry Griffin, cropping systems economist, Kansas State University.


Aug 10, 2016

Hiring interns for an operation can be useful for both producer and intern.  But at the same time, producers need to understand the rules for when interns have to paid and can work for free.  In this episode, Paul is joined by Sarah Everhart, legal specialist, Francis King Carey School of Law, University of Maryland and the Agriculture Law Education Initiative.

If you have questions for Sarah, you can email her at or 410-458-2475.

Aug 3, 2016

As producers use more and more technology in their operations there is a need to be connected to wireless networks to be able to move large amounts of data.  In this episode, Paul is joined by Dr. Terry Griffin, cropping systems economist, Kansas State University, to discuss the need for wireless connectivity in rural areas.

If you have questions for Dr. Griffin, you can email him at or tweet him at @spaceplowboy.  You can email me at or tweet me at @aglawPaul.  Feel free to send thoughts on other podcasts to me as well.